Don’t you feel well on your bike? Are you tense and not sure whether you are pedalling efficiently and powerfully?

The seat position, kick and posture analyses ensure the improved seat position and the more efficient kick.

We offer the following analysis for road or triathlon bikes:

  • Saddle position and saddle type
  • Crank length
  • Shoe position, foot position
  • Stem length and handlebar position
  • Handlebar width
  • Position of the switch-brake handles
  • Position and length of the Tri attachments
  • Road and triathlon driving position

We work professionally with the Swiss Sportclinic in Bern. Appointment at with reference to VeloClusive, then you get a discount!

Basic CHF 160.-: Adjustment of the bike for optimal joint angles (without physiocheck)

Medium CHF 290.-: Basic + detailed physiocheck as well as body measurement and leg axis check on the bike

Professional CHF 390.-: Medium + pedal force analysis and detailed optimisation