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The passion for detail and quality is only really expressed when the bike is assembled. In this respect, we differ greatly from our competitors. The bikes arrive „pre-assembled“ in a box from the manufacturer. Most of them take the bike out of the box and then, after a superficial adjustment, put it in the shop window like that. Depending on the model, we spend a few hours checking every single bike in detail, greasing the bearings, optimally adjusting the brakes and gears, and centring the wheels so that it is actually ready for you to ride.

This service is charged separately at CHF 125.-

Tortour 2022

After the victory in the 2-man mixed in 2019 by Silvia Perenoud and Markus Fankhauser, the VeloClusive – SARTO team will start with a 4-man team in 2022. Sebastien Buchs, Andreas Heiniger, Pascal Albarella and Markus Fankhauser will take on this challenge of 1,000 km and around 13,000 metres of altitude. The team will be complemented by Manuel Wohler as mechanic and support.

More information at https://www.tortour.com/rennformate/startorte/zurich/ultra/