For training control, different load intensities are defined – either according to power (watts) or according to heart rate. They form the six training ranges (compensation to peak range) in which you train. In order to determine these, we first determine your functional threshold power in watts or your threshold pulse.

FTP – the Functional Threshold Power. What power can you deliver over an hour? This value is your Functional Threshold Power. Prerequisite for the determination is a power meter on your racing or triathlon bike.

CP – Critical Power by means of pulse. If no power meter is mounted on your bike, the threshold power can also be determined by pulse.

When and how often to test? Do a test before an important training block or at the beginning of the season. You should be recovered, so don’t train hard in the days before. We repeat the test every 8 – 10 weeks to monitor your performance development and to reach the optimum performance at the peak of the season.

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without lactate measurement CHF 300.-
with lactate measurement CHF 330.-